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Empowering Canada’s Indigenous People

The Schroeder Foundation is focused on increasing food security and Indigenous empowerment in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods. The Foundation runs numerous charitable initiatives aimed at providing nutritious food for students and their families including a food bank outreach program at St. John’s High School, which delivers 100 food hampers to households (increased to a maximum of 170 during the pandemic) and employs community service workers to deliver them. The Foundation also funds a school cafeteria that provides free breakfast and free or heavily subsidized lunches for 150 students daily.


20 Mar, 2021

Donor to subsidize milk program cut by school division

A city philanthropist will serve up a $210,000 donation to restore a milk-subsidy program drained from Winnipeg School Division’s budget this month…. more
3 Apr, 2020

In north end, pandemic can’t kill kindness

“The school’s food bank program wouldn’t exist without the vital support of the Walter & Maria Schroeder Foundation.”… more
26 Nov, 2019

Food Insecurity: Our Response

The Schroeder Foundation provides funding and resources to students in a number of communities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Entering into these communities, we saw that there… more
26 Nov, 2019

North End Winnipeg High School Builds Brand New Cafeteria and Affordable Meal Program

In early 2018, the Schroeder Foundation pledged $10 million dollars to three underprivileged high schools located in Winnipeg. St. John’s High School, one of the… more
26 Nov, 2019

Empowering Disadvantaged Youth

The Schroeder Foundation strongly believes that no individual should be disadvantaged as a result of their cultural background. In communities where we have identified this… more

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