19 Film School Scholarships Awarded to Winnipeg Students

Wednesday, February 16th was a joyous day at Winnipeg’s Sisler High School. 19 scholarships to Vancouver Film School were awarded to students as part of the CREATE program; a free, post-graduation credit program that offers a year of additional learning in animation, film, graphic design, and game development.

19 budding creatives will receive full scholarships to study filmmaking at Vancouver Film School, thanks to VFS and the Schroeder Foundation. This brings the roster of students who’ve benefitted from the CREATE program to over 80 deserving individuals. The Schroeder Foundation will cover 60 per cent of each award (totalling $500,000), with the remaining 40 per cent covered by VFS. More students than ever are now benefitting from the CREATE program scholarships, and The Foundation also provided nearly $500,000 in state-of-the-art equipment to CREATE students at the start of the pandemic to allow them to continue their studies from home. The Foundation also funds an industry liaison and communications manager to help provide job opportunities for students.

Interviewed by CTV News Winnipeg, Anthony Grieco, Vancouver Film School curriculum and program development head said, “We are proud to have these students, looking forward to seeing the work they do here in Vancouver.”

“We are proud to have these students, looking forward to seeing the work they do here in Vancouver.”

The students who will soon be on their way to Vancouver Film School received their scholarship awards during a ceremony at Sisler High, during which school officials thanked Walter Schroeder for his generosity and faith in their students and their community.

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